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Our Technicians are just a phone call away. We schedule a meeting to identify the work you need and to gather as much information about your requirements as we can.


CALL: 619-207-6925

After our Walkthrough, we prepare a detailed formal proposal for your project. At this step, any changes or addons can be performed at no additional charge.

Depending on the scope of the work, we begin each project by covering the work area with a protective layer. We also wear gloves and shoe covers when in contact with finished products.

We detail clean the areas surrounding our work and see to any final details. Also, our highly accurate job estimation leave no surprises for the final bill.


Great care goes into ensuring that your floors and surfaces are protected. We use high quality movers blankets, ram board, construction paper, or plastic sheets to limit the impact of our work. We also have a strict glove and shoe cover policy when working with finished products.


Much of electrical work must be left protected within your walls. That means that sometimes incisions are necessary to complete the work.


We have special techniques for limiting the amount of cutting necessary for your installation. We select the approach with as little repair as possible.


For example, seen here: a precision, Oscillating Multi Tool leaves zero guesswork when cutting wood or drywall and a strong shop vacuum limits dust and cleanup. No Drywall was needed. Each Situation is different and we are happy to work with you to match what you need.


Every installation is different, but we meticulously lay out every part to ensure not only that your fixture came undamaged but also that it will work properly and safely. Sometimes that includes replacing Junction boxes with chandelier and fan-rated boxes. We discuss any changes with you beforehand.


What you are left with is a well-cared-for installation set to your specifications. Your spaces will feel enriched and more functional by our work, saving you time and money while also adding customization to your home.


*** 4” Can lights with trim

*** 6” Can lights with trim

*** Ceiling Fan installation

*** Troubleshooting and same-day repair!

*** Service Upgrade

*** Service Repair

*** Artwork Lighting

*** Custom home wiring

*** New home wiring

*** Underground wire protection

*** Kitchen remodel

*** Bathroom remodel

*** Screwless switch plates

*** Arc Fault Circuits

*** Receptacle Outlets & Switches

*** Three-way (3-way) Switches

*** Track and Recessed Lighting

*** Dimmer switches

*** GFCI Protected Outlets

*** Direct Dedicated Circuits for:

*** - Dryers

*** - Electric Stoves

*** - Air Conditioning Units

*** Motion Security Lighting.

*** Solar Powered Lights

*** Low Voltage wiring

*** Sub Panels & Additions

*** Pool/Spa/Jacuzzi Wiring

*** Motors/Controls

*** Smoke Alarms

*** Alarms/Security Lights

*** Separate Apartment Meters

*** Electric Heat/Water Heater

*** Court/Field Lighting

*** Electric car plug installation

*** Data Wire/Smart Home Integration

Modern Bathroom
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